Non-Candy Valentines

If you're looking for a non-candy Valentine treat, here is a fun gift idea for someone you love! It's a practical gift, festive and fun, and will help keep your sweethearts stay cozy and warm.

You can find festive socks at most discount stores at this time of year. Or just grab a pair of red, pink,or purple socks.

The tag can be found in my shop. Click here.

These would be great for a Valentine gift exchange, teacher gift, or to add to a gift basket. You can wrap in a festive Valentine Bag. The tag file is editable and comes with 12 tags per page. Trim marks are shown.

Giving a non-candy treat, eliminates the worry of allergens such as nuts, gluten, and dairy. It makes me happy to give a personalized gift. Not to mention, it can create a lasting impact for the person receiving the gift.

Happy Gifting!




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