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My website offers Instant Download and Editable Gift Tags. An editable gift tag is a tag that can be edited or customized by you. I partner with a software called Templett. Templett will send a link of the file to the email that is on the order. This file will allow you to personalize, download, and print.


An instant download gift tag, on the other hand, is a tag that can be downloaded and printed immediately after purchase, without the need for any customization. These tags come in a pre-designed format, and are ready to use as is.

The choice between an editable gift tag and an instant download gift tag depends on your personal preference for customization and the purpose of the gift tag.


The picture below is of one of our most popular tags. The instant download tag is pictured.


The picture above shows the difference of how they print. The Instant Download is on the left. There are 12 tags per page with no spacing in between the tags. The Editable File is on the right and has trim marks for each tag. There are 12 tags per page. In order to receive multiple tags on one page, click Download > PDF > and toggle trim marks and save paper on the Templett file. There is also a Demo link in the description of all editable listings. 


This particular tag has lots of options!
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